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Megan Moews-Asher
Art, Imagery, & Design

Megan Moews-Asher, Artist (with a love of adventure & exploration...)

I grew up the daughter of mountain man, renowned artist, log cabin designer and builder, Ted Moews, and folk singer and song writer Katie Moews, high in the remote San Juan Mountains of Colorado. At 10,000 ft elevation, we had no electricity and snowmobile only access ~seven months of the year. Over the years, during those long winter months, I would watch and learn from my dad as he drew, painted, and sculpted incredible pieces of art, and I would slip into another world as my parents filled my imagination with fantastical stories of cultures and places far and wide, tales of Brothers Grimm, and other pictures that danced across my mind... 


Fast forward to today and I am now following in their footsteps. I have a passion for creation and innovation, learning new art forms, incorporating my artist's eye into nearly everything I do, and telling the story. I explore different subject matters as I explore those places that my parents once filled my mind with. Given an additional professional background in marine ecosystems, I am often drawn to creating art with an ocean, nature, or big picture focus. Currently, my primary mediums are watercolor, acrylic, and pen and ink, with the occasional shift here and there, as well as graphic design with an affinity for scientific illustration, and photography. For every new piece I create, I challenge myself, get into the details, and incorporate an element of elegance. IMPACT is often a key attribute of my work.

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